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Our Goals & Ambitions

I am a global blogger located in Cincinnati Ohio. I represent free speech as an American citizen. In addition, I am a stark advocate of Second Amendment rights to the U.S. Constitution of the United States of America. A disabled Vietnam veteran who strongly believes in religious freedom, equal rights including human rights and as naively as it sounds justice for all, albeit in practice, at least in America, only a few truly benefit. In stark contrast, I strongly disbelieve in oppression, suppression, socialism, communism, dictatorship or any other hegemony which seeks to thwart an individual's liberties or God given right to pursue or enjoy a life of freedom and happiness without undue illegal trespass.

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On a lighter side, I am a professional songwriter (member of BMI) and self published author at Amazon.com. The other member of Global Babbler is a business owner, guitarist and arranger. Meaning, we are in thought and deed capitalists who believe in democratic principles. Let me also convey quantum mechanics and higher mathematics, i.e. calculus are pillars upon which Global Babbler is based.

What We Do

In effect, news is tantamount to most living creatures of curiosity (and most are) on earth no matter where they happen to reside. Why? Because even though it might not directly affect your daily goings-on at some point in time it can and often will. As a result of this phenomenon we provide news, science reports, challenging blogs and forums, all for the sake of helping you, the none propaganda seeker, keep abreast of local, state, national and international headlines.

What We Are Not

Global Babbler is not like other blogger sites in scope, nor is it structured for social media per se. Nor does it attack others like Anonymous of the past or present. Albeit injustice operates differently in terms of anger in liberal Cyber-activists. Its objective is to educate the global community with news of all sorts including yellow journalism. I know this is speculation and does not rate as news. Ah, but you are wrong my friend. Oftentimes what one reads today in many of the major newspapers worldwide in 2014 is based on yellow journalism and sometimes can't be counted on to be factually trustworthy. In truth, what yellow journalism does is provide the blogging individual with the option to use one's imagination to bring about a better, more exciting, methodology of presenting the news to the general public or the online community. That is to say, to take some of the news facts presented in newspaper headlines and broaden their scope of understanding with presuppositions.

Another feature that makes the Global Babbler different from other blogger websites is the fact that you can cross reference information. That is you can open a news feed, in another page without disturbing the Global Babbler home page. This type of research for those interested in global news or science news attempts to officiate work methodologies of least time. Under these circumstances you can work more efficiently and with less effort as you gather information diligently to do your academic assignment or write your blog. Having more than seven tabs, urls, open in the browser at one time including the Global Babbler home page tab is a very efficient way to do research. Many experts in SEO swear by it.  

One of Our Main Objectives

I offer this option too as a means to offset your common everyday TV news media because I want the global community to shrink in size. So that you, who happen to live in China, India, Germany, Israel, Iran or Russia, can feel more closely associated with those who happen to live in New York, Ohio, Chicago, Texas, North Dakota or even California.

Give us a chance to prove our worth. Read my blog. Send me feedback or comment on some topic I might have written about where you either strongly agree or disagree. I would be glad to hear your opposing or favoring opinion.