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Global, as defined in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, is a term or word that most nearly means, entire world or worldwide; synonyms for this term are, across-the-board, blanket, broad-brush, common, generic, overall and universal. Related words include, all-embracing, broad or broad-gauge. Near antonyms could be such words as, limited, narrow, restricted, individual, singular and so on. (These latter words are not permitted.) Other terms include, globular and spherical. The word news is likewise a term that is global and according to Google planner tool could average 13,600,000 monthly searches with low to medium competition, meaning it deserves consideration for any webmaster. Ranking using keywords like global, news, blogs, feeds, (feeds having a mountain of subcategories) including phrases such as, world news feeds, world news blogs, international news, global news feeds, newspapers, all seems to have genuine merit and would demand attention from any serious webmaster looking to rank high and become competitive with the so-called BIG-BOYS like ABC, Reuters, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, the Guardian, Feedzilla etc…. Globalbabbler Speaks, attempts to offer a more substantive perspective on the global arena. The blogs we provide deal with or could encompass anything from calculus or classical philosophy to esoteric fields like quantum mechanics, the social sciences or genetic engineering; all are relative to today’s world or what issue might lay before at this time in 2014. That is, “The past, present and future if there is one is all relative, and so, anything that has happened in the past is likely to befall us again in the present or the future in some form or another.” This criteria can have such an impact, that if one is not aware of the overall consequences, meaning those active websites which do not pay close attention to this consistent paradigm are likely to misunderstand history or life and all that it means and has meant. Moreover that they, meaning anybody, will be unlikely to succeed in business, whatever business they are in, in the future. This is why it is so important to connect with nation-states everywhere they might happen to be right down to the individual. Global this, news that, blogs here, feeds there, all these vehicles serve to shrink the world down to its most technological, efficient size (six billion people) for news to travel fast and be current as well as meaningful to everyone. This is what we try to do at our website. Please take the time to read a blog or contribute your own so that both positive and negative news globally continues to be an integral part of everyone’s life for the sake of information, awareness and salvation. SPREAD THE WORD….