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If you study to remember, you will forget. But, if you study to understand, you will remember.

Educational Video Lectures

Science and calculus are two very important subjects in the teaching industry. The Webmaster and administrator of this website supports any educational efforts especially in the above two disciplines. We encourage learning by advocating anyone, primarily young people to pursue a career in either the science field or the field of mathematics. Why? Because America is lacking in these two most vital human resources when it comes to technology and space travel. Moreover gifted teachers are becoming a scarcity. America needs more gifted teachers. Why do we need them? We need them because they are the key to American world dominance in the future. Sadly in 2014 we have lost this edge which started after WWII and ended during the George W. Bush administration. Now with computers and video technology we can gain it all anew. One of the most important tasks we as Americans must focus on is serious learning. This means a child in grammar school must dedicate themselves as well as those in high school or college to a disciplinary mode of educational study comparable to those students in Europe or Asia. But above all they must prioritize their time so that they develop a pattern of consistent learning void of external influences such as sports unless they plan to make sports a career. Once this is done in time they will see improvements in their sacrifices. Meaning a gifted teacher can only bring you so far in terms of totally understanding your major field of endeavor. You must in the aftermath, that is on your own time, find technical ways & means to bring their expert, pedagogical instructions and your dedication to fruition. The Global Babbler’s website, we believe, is designed to bolster this academic encouragement. Without tantamount understanding in any field of study, all your educational efforts by the most gifted teacher the world over will not do you much good if you do not realize what it means to understand something. Please watch these and other science and math videos and pay particular attention to the professor’s teaching prowess. Learn to recognize pedagogical dedication. Once you do you will begin to get a handle on what educational understanding means for you….   

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